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What are the characteristics of intelligent lighting system?

发布时间:2018-01-26 08:40:50 作者:Tijio

    Intelligent lighting refers to the use of computers, wireless communication data transmission, spread spectrum power line communication technology, computer intelligent information processing and energy-saving control of electrical and other technologies composed of distributed wireless telemetry, remote control, remote control system to achieve the lighting equipment Intelligent control. With the brightness of the light intensity adjustment, light soft start, timing control, scene settings and other functions; and to safety, energy saving, comfort and efficient features.

    Intelligent lighting system energy-saving effect is significant, and its energy-saving is mainly reflected in the following aspects.


    First, a unified control of multiple lights, intelligent lighting system can be unified control of the lights, but also can be fully closed, this centralized management can reduce human waste, man-made lighting energy waste phenomenon is very serious, regardless of the room Some people still no one, often "long lights." Intelligent lighting systemcan be decentralized control and centralized management, the central control room in the building, managers can manipulate the keyboard to turn off the lights in unoccupied rooms.

    Second, according to the light intensity automatically adjust the lighting, intelligent lighting system can automatically dimming, you can make full use of natural light. Intelligent lighting system in the light sensor switch by measuring the illumination of the work surface, compared with the set value, control the lighting switch, so you can maximize the use of natural light, to achieve energy-saving purposes.

    Third, easy to install, no need to re-wiring. Smart lighting system in smart home can reduce the cost and labor cost by simply replacing the original switch and controlling the light by the mobile phone without rewiring.

    Fourth, to extend the life of the light source. The cause of damage to the light source is the grid over-voltage, over-voltage control can effectively extend the life of the light source. Intelligent lighting system using soft-start mode, can control the grid impact voltage and surge voltage, the filament from thermal shock, light source life is extended. Intelligent lighting system can usually extend the life of light source 2 to 4 times, not only save a large number of light sources, but also greatly reduce the workload of replacing the light source, effectively reducing the operating costs of the lighting system, but also avoid dealing with environmental pollution caused by waste light problem.

 Fifth, remote control, cell phone networking control of lighting, for all residential, intelligent lighting is a very important function. You can control all the lights via your phone, a switch panel, voice, iOS or Android device. Convenient, even if you forget to turn off the lights are not afraid, remote control, convenient and efficient, play a role in energy saving.

 With the development of intelligent lighting research and development of domestic technology and product promotion efforts to increase the field of home intelligent lighting applications is expected to be universal. Research reports from research institutes point out that the combination of new lighting technologies such as smart technologies and electronic ballasts and lighting technologies will create a new platform for lighting technology. Its applications range from smart home lighting to intelligent urban lighting, with an expansive And is creating a new kind of lighting culture with high-tech and high-tech ideas.





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