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Why do we need smart home more and more urgently?

发布时间:2018-01-26 08:39:51 作者:Tijio

At present, we have become the most aging country in the world. As early as 1999, China entered the threshold of an aging society. According to the "Statistical Bulletin of the National Economic and Social Development in 2014" of the National Bureau of Statistics, among the 1.367 billion population in China in 2014, 212 million people aged 60 and over accounted for 15.5% of the total population;


The 2015 China 1% population sample survey released by China Statistical Yearbook 2016 shows that in 2015 China's total fertility rate was only 1.05. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the fertility rates in China from 2010 to 2014 are 1.18, 1.04, 1.26, 1.24 and 1.28 respectively, with an average fertility rate of only 1.2 while the minimum fertility rate required to maintain an intergenerational balance is 2.1.

These two sets of data mean that there will be more and more elderly people in China in the future and fewer and fewer young workers.

When these two different data are integrated, the first simple conclusion can be drawn-that in the future, industries that need artificial services will become increasingly labor-intensive and their service costs will become higher and higher.

The only good news is that the labor productivity of Chinese manufacturing is still far below that of developed countries, and the way to increase productivity is very simple, with robots.

We guess that after 10 years, it is very hard for Chinese people to buy cheap labor services - in other words, do you find that now Yuesao and nanny are expensive and have a monthly salary higher than most people?

Now New Year friends made stewed beef, braised pork, are made with automatic cooking machine, the taste is good, while the cooking machine price less than 1,000 yuan, you can fry 100 kinds of vegetables.

Therefore, in the future smart home, smart community, smart space will be very urgent for the needs of the people. And quickly replace the manual service.

The robot unit is highly efficient and does not cause trouble. It can work 24 hours in a row. The key is more and more clever. In the past we thought we could only do human work, and now robots are doing well. Now that we have not gone to the bank anymore and we have a mobile phone, yes, we have entered the big data + machine service mode of life. Wisdom space is rapidly penetrating into all aspects of our lives.

In the information society, about every 10 years, the social habits of mankind will be greatly changed.

Quickly learn to quickly adapt to life must have the ability! Adapt to the future to install smart home, popularize wisdom space will be the trend of the times!





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